Your partner in precision for Life Science applications

Our team has years of application experience across analytical instrumentation, medical devices, diagnostic instrumentation, and biotechnology & bioprocessing. Explore how we might be able to partner with you for your specific application needs.


Analytical Instrumentation

Discover how we create comprehensive sample-to-answer solutions for analytical instrumentation through high-precision, customizable components and deep application expertise.

medical devices

Medical Devices

Discover how we can be your partner-of-choice for developing the next generation of medical devices through accurate gas and liquid control technologies and our extensive industry knowledge.


Diagnostic Instrumentation

Discover how our comprehensive portfolio of valves, pipetting, and manifold technology can help the development of best-in-class diagnostic equipment.


Biotechnology & Bioprocessing

From research applications to biopharmaceutical production applications, discover how we serve this dynamic market by reducing instrument size and enhancing system accuracy.

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